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ati martial arts midland grand master tony curtis.jpg

Tony Curtis

(Master Instructor)
Director ATI Martial Arts

“Every person is given the power of great spiritual and physical potential; what you do with it is your choice”. Tony assists his students in realising this power and through his unique teaching strategies, augments their lives. He is in tune with his own spiritual and physical strength’s and this makes him a master of the art.He believes INTEGRITY to be one of the most important values in life. He expounds in an inner strength which blasts out in awesome external power. This has helped make him the only competitor in Australia to achieve 2 Open World Taekwondo titles. 

8th Degree Black Belt - 4x Australian Champion - Started Training 1982 - 2x Open World Champion 1991 &1994 - Started Instructing 1986 - Silver World Invitational Championships

- NCAS Level 2 Coach - Numerous International Medalist - State Coach - 10x State Champion - Former Australian Team Coach - Training Courses with WA’s Strength & Conditioning Coaches at Curtin University - Qualified State & National Referee (Level 1) -  CLJ Taekwondo Pty Ltd Group

ati martial arts midland grand master rod lockyer.jpg

Rodney Lockyer

(Master Instructor) 
Director ATI Martial Arts

“The power to be whatever you want to be is within yourself, the trick is, not to be stifled by the distractions of everyday life but to focus on the core of what drives your passion”. Rodney is a dedicated and disciplined martial artist and is conscious of his spiritual development and the connection this has to the Art. He is meek yet mighty, patient yet powerful, and he will drive your passion! Do not mistake his kindest for weakness!!

- Started training 1982 - International Medalist - 8th Degree Black Belt - 3x Australian Champion - Started Instructing 1990 - 4x State Champion - NCAS Level 1 Coach - Australian Representative - Bronze Medal European Team Championships and Open World Championships Team - Qualified State & National Referee (Level 1) - State Coach - Former Australian Team Coach -  CLJ Taekwondo Pty Ltd Group

ati martial arts midland master instructor owner hayden freeman.jpg

Hayden Lee Freeman

(Master Instructor)
Owner ATI Martial Arts Midland

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” “Black Belt — A white belt that never quit”“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”

Mr Freeman is an easy going, modest instructor, don’t mistake Hayden's gentle manner for weakness, he is certainly not that...! His students and their families admire his dedication and commitment to the Martial Arts.

​​Started Training 1999 - Dragon Master at the age of 7 -  Instructor Certification all 12 Levels - Qualified Personal Trainner - Started Instructing 2006 - NCAS Level 1 Coach - ATI ICP certified - Owner and Director ATI Martial Arts Midland - 5th Dan Master Instructor and Examiner.

ati martial arts midland Chalitra Buanuch master instructor.jpg

Chalitra Buanuch

(Master Instructor)

Miss Baunach has a sweet but determined nature, constanley improving herself and those around her, Chalitra is a dedicated and passionate instructor and this shows in every students

loyality to her, Chalitra's background is founded in Thailand where from a young age trained under her father and went on to become a key Thai Instructor

​​Training since 1998 - Instructing since 2001 - Sparring and Poomse referee since 2003 - 7 years as Thailand Taekwondo Head Coach - 2002 Thailand Gold medal Champion - 2003-05-07 Thailand University Gold Medal Champion - ATI referee Qualified - 2015 medal’s 5 gold 1 silver - Instructor Course Qualified for all 12 levels - Personal Trainer certificate in fitness level 3 + 4

ati martial arts assistant instructor Mark Anion.jpg

Mark Anion

Assistant Instructor

Mark, Demonstrates passion, dedication and compassion to his students and his committment to his craft. A skilled Assistant Instructor who is well on his way to becomming a Master Instructor and head coach.

Started Training 2017 - Started Instructing 2020 - ATI ICP certified - Currentley Apprentice Instructor.

ati martia arts midland Program director leah Mckonkey.jpg

Leah Mckonkey

Program Director
( Personal Trainer )

Leah's smile and gentle nature is not to be messed with, she is a tiger when it comes to the one's she cares about, her tenacity, and decication is to be admired, Leah is one of the go to people at ATI Midland and is a valued member of our team

Qualified personal Traininer

ati martial arts midland program director natala freeman.jpg

Natala Freeman

Program Director
( Youth Worker )

Natala's strengths are in her determination and dedication to her work, her knowledge of the running of ATI Midland has been developed since she was 5 years old when she started as a Little Dragon .

Started training in 2003 - Qualified Master Dragon - 1st Dan Black Belt at age 10 and Her 2nd Dan at age 12.  Natala is studying Youth Psychology  and makes a great member our team

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