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The Full Story

ATI Martial Arts Midland

ATI Martial Arts & Fitness Centres were established by Directors Tony Curtis & Rodney Lockyer, ATI Martial Arts & Fitness Midland was established in 2005 to service the Eastern Suburds Hills area. Originally loacated in Brown Park Recreation Centre as a part time centre. In 2012 the Academy had expanded and the need to become a full time Academy was evident.

Today, we operate out of a permanent facilty, with a large soft matted main floor and a soft matted 2nd floor, the facilty has a large airconditioned waiting area with digital monitors displaying all the action happening in the training areas. Our Classes are conducted under the same syllabus across the ATI Academies and is known for inovation and effectiveness in Insructional practices. We refuse to remain static in our practice always looking for new and effective methods of instruction and technique. ATI Martial Arts & Fitness Midland currently is owned and operated by Master Instructor Hayden Freeman 5th Dan, Master Instructor Chalitra Buanuch 5th Dan and a variety of assistant instructors. ATI Martial Arts & Fitness employes 2 Master Instructors a Assistant Instructors 2 program directors, a personal traininer and a youth worker to cover all the needs of our develping students.  

Mission Statement

The Martial Arts is not about physically learning to injure someone. In fact, it is completely the opposite. It's about self-development (defined as: taking steps to better yourself, such as by learning new skills and overcoming bad habits). We believe all people need 3 basic foundations to develop into sound adults.


Have due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others.


Confidence in one's own worth or abilities


A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated. Family, Teacher and Instructors.



A good Martial Arts School teaches all of the above in the course of a student’s training. The development of Respect and Self Esteem cannot be taught in one lesson or even a year in many cases. It can take years of slow gentle guidance through the course of a child's life to develop these attributes.


A good Martial Arts school understands all students vary in age and mature emotionally and physically at different stages. We understand the stages of development Physical, Emotional, Social, and Intellectual.


The Rotational Curriculum belt level and skill stripe system is designed as a formal indication of a student’s progress and development in the above 3 areas. The system is not limited to just the student’s physical abilities.

The instructor serves as a role model in the student’s development and if the student is developing in the right direction (physically, emotionally, socially and technically in class) they will be acknowledged by skill Stripes and formally promoted at grading. The instructor understands the limitations of the student and appreciates what stage of development a student is at and will apply their discretion when awarding skill stripes. The Instructor through this acknowledgement feeds the students’ self-esteem and guides them through the belt ranks. The student benefits from formal acknowledgement as they grow, increasing self-esteem and respect.

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